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**PHOTO UPDATES** Beautifully Furnished Home on the Pine Knob Golf Course

Beautiful home, Fully furnished and decorated with high end furniture and tasteful accessories.


There is an upright piano available, Please be prepared to have it moved if you have interest


We have two days to sell it all, As the home has sold, So it is priced reasonably, and will be progressively marked down thru the weekend. 


Please take note * There are LOTS of stairs, We will have signs posted and stairs taped off, But will expect you to proceed with caution. 


This is in a gated condo sub-division , The gates are open to the public for the sale, But please be courtious of the other residents, do not park on lawns, block drive ways or mailboxes. Parking will be permitted on ONE SIDE OF THE STREET ONLY. Please follow the signs. 


Last, But not least, Enjoy yourself and shop until you drop !! As always, Thank you for continuing to KEEP UP WITH CHRISTY'S