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Full Tool Shop, Zero Turn Mower, Snow Blower, Kennedy Boxes

The men will love us for this one ! 

The pictures aren't the best, But you get the idea. 

If you see a tool box in the photo's, They are FULL OF TOOLS, We have just started pulling things apart. 

We will do our best to have most items priced, With that being said, Our prices will be firm day 1 

FULL CONTENT Garage, Workshop & Outdoor equipment. This is PHASE ONE of a multi layered estate situation, We have decided to SELL HIS STUFF FIRST ! 


Contents include : Kennedy & Draftsman tool boxes, Woodworking ( hand & power ) tools, Large power tools, Zero Turn Mower ( $1200.00 ) , PROJECT Sailboat ( $800.00 ) Peddle boat ( $550/Does have a sun awning not pictured ) Aluminum portable ramp. Snowblower, TONS of power & hand tools, Ladders, Tool cabinets, Out door hand tools, Some outdoor seating & marina items. You name it if its a tool, We probably have it. 


This sale will be conducted in the GARAGE & TOOL ROOM ONLY, Which means NO BATHROOM ON SITE, Also, With it being outdoors, Masks WILL BE OPTIONAL as they are not required OUTSIDE. Do what is comfortable for you, Be kind and courteous of others and practice social distancing as required. 


As always, Thanks for KEEPING UP WITH CHRISTY'S !!