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Classic Cottage Charm in Clarkston With Christy's


We are welcoming in the up coming "nesting season" with a BEAUTIFUL HOME full of 

cozy & clean cottage & nautical decor, Higher end furnishings, decor & hospitality/serving items thruout. No pets. This home was occupied by a single woman, And was kept pristine. 


The garage is set up "classic garage sale style, Most clothing will be priced at 5.00 and under, and are in womans large/xl/xxl sizes 


Parking is very limited. You can park along the road in front of the property, There is a slight curb DO NOT PARK ON THE RESIDENCY LAWN, It is a SEPTIC FIELD. If you choose to park in the drive way, Be aware you may end up blocked by other customers, And it will be needed for loading. 

There is a side street that can be utilized, Less then a city block from the residency


As always, Thank you for keeping up with Christy's !!