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CLOSED/Sold Out BIRMINGHAM Brag Post for Potential Future Clients

If you price it right, They will buy ! We only do 1 sale at a time, We have been in business for 20+ years, Not 20 years combined. We run our own sales, We do not hire children to handle your estate. We pay attention to current market trends on locations, And research your collectibles, fine jewelery etc. 

No hidden fees, no set up fees and we out source cleanouts to a third party company, If you so choose.

Our only agenda is to help make your transition run smoothly.


If you price correctly, The end of an estate sale should look like this.  We do not need an 80% off blow out sale to acheive your goal of liquidating. 


Contact us with questions regarding your need for an  estate sale. No cost or obligation, And no pressure to sign contracts on the spot, We believe in trust & comfort from start to finish



The Woodward Dream Cruise is this weekend, So we WILL NOT have signs up in the neighborhood, Only in front of the home. Please be concious of parking ( do not block residents driveways, etc ) 

The driveway will be available for furniture loading


As always, Thank you for KEEPING UP WITH CHRISTY'S