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Welcome to Christy’s Estate Operations

If you’re faced with the challenge of clearing out a house, you’ve got a lot of work to do. You need to arrange for the removal of large items, price and sell the remaining goods, and deal with a number of other time-consuming steps. Doing it yourself is always an option, but why would you want to take on more responsibility than necessary? Instead of adding more stress to your busy life, why not call Christy’s Estate Operations instead? We offer a wide variety of estate services that save you time for focusing on more important matters.


  • Estate and automobile sales
  • Staging, pricing, appraisals and inventories
  • Cleaning and organization of home (includes all rooms, basement, attic, garage)
  • Removal of large items / appliances / fixtures, carpet as specified
  • Realtor / attorney referrals if requested
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Benefits to You

  • Improve the equity of your home in preparation for the sale.
  • History of high turnover of estate sale items.
  • Expedient turn around time in completing the job in its entirety.
  • Relief from having to do these labor-intensive tasks during high stress times.
  • Fees are nominal in comparison to the removal of burden from you.

Our Goal

  • 100% Satisfaction in every aspect.
  • Working with us to be a very positive experience.
  • We earn your trust and you are 100% confident in referring us to your family, friends and neighbors.